Restaurant Guide to Flagstaff, AZ

I haven't lived in Flagstaff for almost two years, so take this with a grain of salt...

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  • Crystal Creek. 1051 S Milton Rd, Flagstaff, 520-774-9373. Really wonderful sandwiches, soups, and chili. My favorite was the 'Super Veggie': cream cheese, avacado, cucumber, peppers, sprouts, tomatoes, swiss cheese, and all kinds of tasty ingredients! All subs are fresh, kind of like an up-scale Subway with micro-brews and attitude. They have pool tables, beer, and usually a line running out the door around noon.

    La Bellavia. 18 S Beaver St, Flagstaff, 520-774-8301. This is probably my favorite restaurant in all of Flag and the place I really miss from my new home in California. They're only open from 6:30 to 2:30, serving breakfast and lunch. Any of the Egg Benedict dishes are incredible (most of them are variations without meat). A full service espresso/capuccino bar compliments their breakfast offerings. The Cafe Aloha is my personal fave (a cappuccino made w/ coconut milk!). Lunch features lots of sandwiches, soup specials, and salads.

    Beaver Street Brewery. 11 S Beaver St, Flagstaff, 520-779-0079. Micro-brewery with great selections: rasberry, usually a dark brew like a nut stout or something, pale changes seasonally. Upscale menu with fondues and other tasty finger snacks for appetizers. Wood-fired pizza's are their speciality (The Enchanted Forest is really good --"portabello mushrooms, fresh spinach leaves, strips of roasted red pepper, French Brie, all atop a base of artichoke pesto. Topped with walnuts, Reggiano Parmesan and a chiffonade of basil"). Chiffonade!!@#@

    Cafe Espress. 16 N San Francisco St, Flagstaff, 520-774-0541. My friend's mom really likes this place, so do a lot of people who live in Flagstaff. I've never really been that impressed. The food is as good as anywhere else in the granola-y/vegetarian/trendy category but the service has been excruciating slow everytime I've been there. It is vegetarian (but so are a lot of places in Flag), it is kind of trendy (but so are a lot of places in Flag) it has a lot of import and micro beers (but so get the idea!). I've always rather have gone to Bellavia for breakfast and Macey's for lunch. I've never been there for dinner.. maybe that's the secret.

    Cafe Ole. 119 S San Francisco St, Flagstaff, 520-774-8272. My boyfriend is known here as, "two-plate boy". The owner came out to meet him after our first meal there and his dinner of a combo plate and then a second platter of food. (Not to imply that the portions are stingy!) The menu is on a blackboard to the right of the entrance (environmentalists, rejoice!), with unchanging fare except for one or two different daily specials. The food is spicy, always hot, and always home-made. There are a lot of Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff, and a number of very good ones..Cafe Ole is one of the best.

    Salsa Brava. 1800 S Milton Rd, Flagstaff, 520-774-1083. The other Mexican place. Salsa bar with 5 different types of salsa. GREAT margaritas, really big, tasty burritos. They call it, "Guadalajaran Style Mexican Food". They are open for breakfast for you Huevos Rancheros fans. They don't take reservations and Friday and Saturday night dinners can result in a bit of a wait. There's a patio for summer dining and the atmosphere is very casual.

    Dara Thai Restaurant. 1580 E Rt 66, Flagstaff, 520-774-0047. This was the first restaurant I ever went to in Flagstaff. Thai ice tea, curry chicken and a salad with peanut dressing. Maybe some pad thai. They have a full bar too for you swanky martini crowd out there. At lunch you can sit in a smaller, dineresque room, while in the supper hours, a more formal, decorative room is opened for seating.

    Macy's European Bakery and Coffee House. 14 S. Beaver St. Flagstaff, 520-774-2243. A full-fledged coffee house with an open mike type atmosphere, snotty yet oh-so-cool staff, food served with blue corn tortilla chips and organic mango salsa, and all the espresso drinks your little Real World-watchin', clove cigerette-smokin', alternative-lesbian-poetry readin' self could ever wont for. They have really good cookies too.

    Charly's. 23 N. Leroux Street, Flagstaff, 520-779-1919. I use to live across the street from Charleys. If you watch the first (or maybe the it's the second) season of the Road Rules, they interview the Cherokee girl in the bar at Charly's (the one on the Leroux side). They have 2 different bar/seating areas; a more rustic room facing Leroux Street, with a fireplace and hardwood floors, while the Aspen Avenue side has a small stage for local bands and a smaller dining room attached with a more formal feel to it. Great food, a full bar and interesting and friendly staff.

    Hassib's. 211 S. San Francisco St. Flagstaff, 520-774-1037. Middle Eastern food and a mini-market. Really good falafel and hummus; a popular place with the NAU crowd. They have a small outdoor seating area that is a nice, relaxing atmosphere to talk and enjoy some feta. It's a very casual dining experience and basic menu... a great place for a quick lunch.

    Sundance Bakery and Coffee. 116 S. San Francisco St. Flagstaff, 520-774-8433. I've only been here once. I got some ice tea and some soup. It was very tasty. Really cute atmosphere. Not as trendy feeling as Macey's and a lot smaller. Full line of espresso drinks, ice teas, juices. The menu is mostly some sandwiches, soups, and salads. There are only a couple of tables in the restaurant...a good place to sneak away for a quick bite with your new crush.

    Flagstaff Brewery. The first place I hung out at in Flagstaff. My old roomate Becky and I use to go there and drink beer and listen to the Grateful Dead and mingle. Good beer and tasty food (mostly sandwiches, veggie burgers, tacos..). They have a 'beer garden/patio' area that is pretty swingin' in the summer. They usually have live bands at night as well.

    El Metate. 2900 N W St, Flagstaff, 520-774-8766. One more Mexican place, this one is relatively new. This would probably be my favorite Mexican restaurant, but they are a dollar or so more pricey on the average with food equal to Salsa Bravo and Cafe Ole. With's a tie. The combination plates are a good idea as you can sample a number of different items. The margaritas are really good too. I really like the chips here...

    Places I've never eaten at but have heard great things about:

    Chez Marc Bistro
    503 N. Humphrey's St. 520-774-1343

    Cottage Place Restaurant
    126 W. Cottage Ave. 520-774-8431